Aadhar card is Needed to Open New Facebook Account :

Now Facebook started asking it’s new users to give their Name “As Per Aadhar” to open a new Facebook account . It may be possible that Facebook is collecting Aadhar details from users to verify the Identity If in case there is any kind of account related issues then the user may be asked to provide their Aadhar card to verify and unlock their accounts . It is also said that this may be a step from Facebook to stop fake accounts . But Sharing Aadhar details with other companies may be a risk for the privacy of a user , Aadhar UIDAI  advises not to share your Aadhar number and it’s details with anyone except verified partners.

Now in Testing Period :

When a new user registers for a Facebook account from a Desktop Browser or Google Chrome on Smartphones then he is asked to give his name “As Per Aadhar” . This option is not available for all Mobile Browsers as it’s still in testing period as per sources working in Facebook India.

Facebook India Statement :

Facebook’s spokesperson said to NDTV that this step is to urge the user to use the name by which he is known , so that it will be easy for him to connect with his friends and family members . This Feature is in testing mode on small scale , we are encouraging users to use their Name “As per Aadhar” . It’s a optional feature and not compulsory to use your Name “As per Aadhar” . Facebook will not use your Aadhar details and will not connect your Facebook account with your Aadhar card . Currently there are about 24 crore Facebook users from India and it’s on second place after USA on the basis on number on Facebook users .

Amazon India was the first company to ask for Aadhar details for address proof to deliver the package to users . Now Facebook is asking for Aadhar details , so we can say that in near future some more companies may ask for Aadhar details to get their services.



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