Google is coming up with a big update with various functional and visual changes. We are now about to step onto new Android A DP1 . The first Android is now only available for compatible Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL.

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Some of the features of the new Android P are listed below:

  • This will have new style of notifications as well as conversation with stickers and images..
  • We can put new animation for various activities and for opening an activity from the notification.
  • We can now see a newly designed USB setting page.
  • There will be no red warning sign on the top of the screen any more which was available for other versions.
  • The volume panel will be now showed on the side of the screen whereas for other versions it was shown on the top of the screen.
  • The screenshot capture option will be now provided on the power menu itself.
  • Bluetooth media list will be now shown automatically when we will press the arrow key in the volume bar.
  • The volume key and the media key is held in same option. we need not to select differently. In case of call volume, it will automatically get activated during calls.
  • The hotspot will get turned off automatically if there is no device connected to it. We need not have to turn it off separately.
  • The brightness of the display will be now provided with percentage. It will be changed automatically. We need not to change the brightness manually.
  • We can now connect atmost 5 bluetooth devices with our device.
  • The Wifi network can be metered manually.
  • We will be given a choice that whether we need vibration for ring or notification or touch. Even we can choose low, medium or high modes of vibration.
  • We can easily capture Skytrace from our device which is one of the interesting feature.
  • The brief record of the notifications will be shown to us which will not contain the actual content but can be removed or deleted by us.


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