Apple patent states to bring up a new application for a new keyless keyboard with various changes to its peripherals and MacBook hardware. The decision was made with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on August 31, 2017 and was published on March 15.

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There will be use of touch screen to create a keyless keyboard which will be more versatile than the physical version. The physical keyboard will be replaced with a flat display with various touch sensing system. The flat surface of the keyboard will be made up of plastic, metal or glass.

The application claims that the physical keyboards are provided with liquids around the keys which may damage the electronics. Solids residues may cause blockage of the electrical contacts for making the keys move. This things can be avoided by using the idea of touch screen keyboard which is pressure sensitive too.

Even the physical keyboard was lack of flexibility to provide various traditional features in the newer devices.The keyboard will also be capable of voice and gesture caption. The key image may also appear in a long touch panel on the peripheral of the keypad.

The idea of the keyless keyboard is the combination of trackpad and the keyboard into one touch sensitive input system. This could be increase he flexibility for such input which are not related to keyboards. Alike of the physical keyboard, this keyless keyboard would also be used in any languages.

We cannot expect the implementation of the keyless keyboard to its next product but they might implement it in its future products.


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