May be Another Scam After Freedom 250 :

Detel company was established in 2007 in Delhi. It is now promising us to provide a phone at a lowest possible cost of Rs 299. It may be a scam as freedom 250 or reality let’s see .

This is a basic phone sold by Detel mobile , a Indian company which came into existence in 2007 in Delhi . You may think it’s another Freedom 250 scam . Providing a screen touch mobile with 3G connectivity with dual sim support with android operating system is not possible below 1000 -2000 rupees .This phone is not having any such specifications and it is a basic mobile with a single sim connectivity , 2G network support , monochrome display , small 650 mah batter , torch light , loud speaker , vibration mode and a one year warranty on it . Now we can think that it may be possible because Chinese companies are providing cheaper mobiles below 500 rupees , but this mobile claims it is ” Made in India ” .

Specification :-

1.44″ Monochrome Display

GSM 2G Network

650 mAh

Single Sim

Torch Light


Loud Speaker

Vibration Mode

1 Year Warranty

Conclusion :

There is no Reviews available from Customers anywhere on Internet , Only Paid Reviews are available from the YouTubers and We should not trust on them . There is no Support for devices available in all over India as the company is not having any service center of it’s own . They are working with third party service centers. The Company is not ready to answers the question as how they are able to manufacture a such a low cost device in India. Mostly this device is imported from China and it is getting logo done in India as it’s next to impossible to manufacture a such a low cost device in India. There is no spare parts available in market to repair this device as the manufacturing company is totally new.

Our Suggesting is not to Buy this Device as it it now worth of it’s cost , you can add some more money and go for other low cost phones available from Brands like Nokia , Micromax. As you will get a better Device and After sales support from them .


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