Cuelinks Affiliate Program :

Cuelinks is a Indian Affiliate Company which claim that they have 1000+ Affiliate Programs and Campaigns from national and international partners. So if you are having a account with Cuelinks then you can promote those Programs and campaigns and start earning. You won’t be asked to apply separately for all those Programs and campaigns. Which makes Cuelinks a easy and best choice to start Affiliate marketing from scratch.

VCommission Affiliate Program :

It is media company founded in 2018 , whose parent organisation is Adways VC India Private Limited. It is a Indian Affiliate network which has reach over all over the world. They have 1000+ campaigns running live on their Website , which include national and international Offers. They have campaigns programs like CPPI , CPS , CPV , CPL etc.

Approval Process :

Cuelinks : I feel it is as easy as making a cup of coffee , if you are having a proper website or blog then they will give you the approval within 2 working days. There is no specific requirements for getting approval. I got my approval though this website , when it was having only 15 posts. Just go to their website and apply for it , you will get approval too.

VCommission :

It is little bit tough to get approval from them , you need to have proper website with proper traffic on it. They do manual visits before approving any application , they will even call you to explain and discuss details before approving the application. You need to follow them and provide correct information to them.

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Cuelinks’s Review:


  • It is free to join and easy to get approval
  • No special requirements , a blog is enough for approval
  • Payment Threshold is only ₹ 500 , lowest in market .
  • You can use all the available campaigns without any issues .
  • Receiving Payment is easy , Direct Bank transfer is available.
  • Easy to integrate it’s links on blogs and websites.

Cons :

  • Hidden and delayed tracking of sales.
  • Most of the sales commission is rejected without notifying.
  • They don’t have transparency in commission sharing policy.
  • No proper support provided .
  • Low commission in comparison to other Affiliate Programs.
  • They don’t have campaigns from most of the famous brands like Snapdeal , Lenskart ,  , redbus , namecheap etc.

vCommission Review :


  • It is easy and free to get approval if you have resources
  • Payment threshold is ₹ 1000 , easy to reach
  • Easy to get support on calls and emails
  • Most of the campaigns are available with best possible Commission rates
  • Receiving Payment is easy , Direct Bank transfer is available.
  • Easy to integrate it’s links on blogs and websites.

Cons :

  • You need to get manual approval of each campaign before using it .
  • Slow approval process and late response .
  • Dashboard not properly developed and affiliate tools are missing.
  • Affiliate API not available for integration through API.
  • Some campaigns are missing , so you can’t relay on only this affiliate network.

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They are improving everyday , as they are adding more campaigns and some of the problems like no tracking of sale , low commission on sale has been shorted out. They are always available there if you need their help. If you new to Affiliate Marketing then you can try Cuelinks , as none of the other companies will give you approval. Most importantly reaching payment threshold is easy , as only ₹ 500. If you will go for Amazon Associates or Flipkart Affiliates then you can promote only their products and their payment threshold is ₹ 1000. Which is a bit tough to reach for a new entry.

You can try using Vcommission affiliate network , they don’t give approval easily. Once approved then all your problems like no tracking of sales , delay in confirmation of commission and other problems will be solved. Their dashboard is having more no of tools , which will help you in promoting their offers. Even they give higher commission for your sales as compared to Cuelinks . Cuelinks wont’t track your commissions after you are about to get paid , which means it won’t let you reach ₹ 500 . So you won’t be able to reach payment threshold so easily .



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