How to delete Old Windows files | How to delete Temporary files | Make Windows faster

Your system may get slower with time , there might be so many reason behind this.  Some of the common reasons are poor Ram , low memory , poor processor , processor getting excess load and due to temporary files. Temporary files are those files which came along with new software install but were not deleted after uninstallion of those software. Thes are the residues of the old applications or left out of the uninstalled apps. Which occupy memory of our system and these files are useless so better we should remove this files .


In our Systems there will be residuals of old operating systems which is no longer needed , so it’s better to delete those files. These files will be located in C drive , inside the folder named or windows.old . When a new operating system is installed in a computer , then all the apps with the user data of the old operating system is copied in a separate folder . This is done to save important files and data of the user which user may need in future , but these files are mostly useless and should be deleted to clear space in C drive .


By deleting these files our system will become faster and it will respond faster

Steps to clean temporary files :

  1. Go to search in your computer and type Run .
  2. In Run type %temp% and click enter .
  3. You will be directed into temporary files folder .
  4. You will have to select all the files and delete it  .
  5. Some files which are in use might not get deleted .
  6. So ignore them by skipping them .

Steps to clean old windows files :

  1. Go to search in your computer and type Run .
  2. In Run type %systemdrive%\Windows.old .
  3. You can also go directly in to the Windows.old folder .
  4. You will get the old operating system files .
  5. Select all and delete them .

There are so many pre installed applications in Smartphones to do that , but in windows we are not having any kind of applications for that . We need to do everything manually or we can use third party software for that.


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