Flipkart CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy has revealed that they have decided to shut down ebay to ab employee of a company through a mail. From August 14, 2018 onwards, it is not going to take any new orders. Upto July 2018 the sellers can list new items. This states that the partnership of ebay and flipkart had ended and there will be the relaunch of the company based on cross-border trade.

He have also revealed that they are going to launch a new platform of e-commerce. The name of the new platform is not yet been announced. But it had been revealed that the new platform is going to sell refurbished goods . Such refurbished goods were not sold by Flipkart and Amazon and not even by ebay India. This is one of the reason that it is shutting down.

This will serve a different target to the people as it is going to have different proposition compared to FlipKart. The new platform is going to have consequences on smartphones also . It have been observed that ebay India had faced various loses since many years due to they were unable to compete with the rise of online exclusives.


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