Facebook Marketplace : New option for Selling Products

In Indian market the first company which brought the concept of selling used things was OLX . Soon after the OLX Qwiker was the second to join the field. Now it’s Facebook who has entered into this field. As Facebook has reach all around the Globe so Facebook is trying to connect all its users through this concept .

Facebook Marketplace :

It is a community store near you where you can buy or sell any new or old items or service . It’s a platform where buyers and sellers connect with each other through Facebook and exchange products and services . As for now the  Facebook is not charging for this service . It is open for any of Facebook users , anyone can go and make account in Facebook and start selling and buying products and services in Facebook Marketplace . It was launched in October 2015 , but still it’s not that much famous between users so users are still preferring Olx and Quikr for selling and buying used things . Lets see in near future that Facebook is getting success or not in this service .

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Services at Facebook Marketplace :

Here you will get every kind of services like Olx and Quikr is providing , as according to experts Facebook has copied Olx as it was not successful in Buying it .

This is divided into several Categories :

  1. Home & garden
  2. Housing
  3. Entertainment
  4. Clothing & accessories
  5. Family
  6. Electronics
  7. Hobbies
  8. Vehicles & bicycles
  9. Classifieds

Some Rules for buying and selling :

  • Protect your privacy
  • Use cash or person-to-person payment methods
  • Don’t sell recalled items
  • Be cautious when buying or selling vehicles
  • Verify the item in person
  • Meet in a safe location
  • Protect your privacy

Olx Vs Facebook Marketplace vs Quikr :

Olx is still best option for selling and buying used products and services in India . Because Olx is dedicated for this service and their services are improving day by day . Facebook Marketplace is confusing and still unknown by most of Indians , it’s process for registering and searching products is confusing . Quikr is also not famous between Indian users and Quikr is acting as a Broker in Between buyer and seller and Quikr is taking a commision for that . So using Quikr is not completely free and prices on Quikr is a bit higher than Olx . Let us know in comments about your experience with Olx , Facebook Marketplace and Quikr .



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