Google finally confirmed that soon it is going to launch two smart speaker products- the Google Home and Google Home Mini in India which is already launched in US on the month of January of 2018.

The cost are notified to be Rs.9999 for Google Home and Rs.4999 for Google Home Mini.

Previously it was not available in Indian languages. But now it had been assured that it will support Hindi very soon. They are going to support Hindi music soon. The products will be available in black colour for Google Home and black and white colour for Google Home Mini.

RelianceTrends CPV (IN)

RelianceTrends CPV (IN)

The products are also going to work with Indian local accents with the contents from local sources and publishers including Times of India, NDTV, Aaj Tak, Dainik Bhaskar and India Today. Google has also made a deal with Reliance to bundle up Jiofi router with their speaker products for Indian users. It will also have six months subscription to Google Play Music.


The main features of the speakers are to play music, answer questions and control the various gadgets that are attached in your home. The speaker has the feature to get connected to TVs and other devices attached in home in order to play the movies, shows and music.

In order t control playback, volume and Google Assistant activation, a touch feature is situated at the top of the speaker surface.

The product is also provided with a mic which provide far-field voice recognition and identification of various voices with the help of Voice Match Technology which is too located at the top of the speaker surface.

The mute and power button is situated at the back of the speaker surface. According to the action being formed, the light at the top of the speaker changes its pattern and colour. The speaker is also provided with a dual-band Wifi but with no Bluetooth facility.



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