Google Home have come with some new updates recently. The Google Assistant in Google Home have supportive feature through which they can enable “Do Not Disturb” mode on your phone. Another feature is that it can wake you up by putting on the lights of the room slowly. For the first feature, user can enable the DND mode on their phone by voice command to the device. The additional part is that, it no longer recites every step vocally. Image result for google home

Google Assistant used to progress each step of the routine and alert the users according to that. But for the new updates, each and every steps are pre verified and does not execute all the vocal commands  everytime. In case to enable the DND mode in the phone through Google Home, the smartphone must be linked with the device. Even the user can activate or deactivate the DND mode through voice commands on every devices connected to Google Home. The phone connected to Google Home can also be turned to Silent mode though voice command in the device.

The second feature of Google Assistant is that, it can make Google Home wake the user up by gradually turning on the light for 30 minutes. It will also turn off your light gradually during the time to go to sleep at night. The device will support only the Philips Hue smart lights for such functioning. The device will smartly recognise the sunset and sunrise to perform such features. Even this functioning can be activated by the voice command through Google Assistant. The user have to speak in a same way as to put an alarm. It will wake the user up at the specified time by turning on the light at that time. It can also be helpful to keep users remainders.


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