How to make money online from Affiliate marketing and other sources:

Making money from internet may be easy today but it was not easy in 90’s, but now we have lot of options like Affiliate marketing, Email marketing, through advertisements, selling products and services. Advertisements and affiliate marketing are mostly used to generate revenue from blogs and fan pages.

Email marketing: This is in great demand these days, as we need to drive traffic to our websites and promote our products and services. Email marketing is the best way to do that, we can maintain the data of our customers and visitors and send them emails about our latest posts and offers on regular interval. Which will make them come back again and it is the best way to retain our visitors.

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Affiliate Marketing: A person can make enough money by promoting the products and services of another website on his blogs. You need to provide the complete information about the product or services with unbiased review about it. If your visitors make any transactions from your link, then you will be paid a commission for it.

Promoting links of online betting sites are one which pay higher than promoting any product, services and Advertisements. It is as per Advertisement policy of most of the Advertisement agencies, so it generates extra revenue from the blogs apart from Advertisements.

Create and sell your Ebooks: You can create a word document based on any topic of your interest and sell it online. If your document is useful and it is having content definitely you will get buyers for it. Ebooks are in demand these days as no one prefers a hardcover book, even companies like amazon which started their business by selling books are now promoting Kindle which is a EBook reader.

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Selling Advertising Space: Placing ads on the website is one of the way to make money from your blog. There are marketing companies like AdSense,, Advert etc which place ads on your websites and will pay you in return. More than 50% of revenue of Google and Facebook is generated from Advertisements.

Selling Products & Services: The most popular technique to make money from websites is selling products and services. We can create an e-commerce website and start selling products and services on it. It’s the market of future as everyone wants the products and services to be delivered to their doorsteps. Services like online data entry and online form filling are in huge demand today.

Offer Premium Content: This is the simplest idea where people come to your website to read your contents. If they like your contents and if there is something interesting and useful. Then they will want more such contents and you can generate revenue from your contents. The first step should be to put what you are going to offer and to go more further you may create a membership area for them to login and have a look on the details of your offers.

Create a Job Portal: A job portal is the place where new job vacancies and upcoming job vacenies of every fields are posted and candidates come to search for jobs. When there is vacancy in any companies then they issue a circular and job portals updates that on their webiste. Then interested people will apply for the job after getting nonfictions from the job portals. Today Job portals made it easy for students and job seekers to know for vacancy and find a job.



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