Huawei P9 Smartphone with DSLR Camera CES 2018 :

The CEO of Huawai’s business group, Richard Yu wants to bring DSLR-like capabilities to its smart phone camera or the camera experience, the entrepreneur said on the sideline of Consumer Electronics Show 2018.

His references of DSLR is concerned about zoom features and focal length of contemporary lenses, indicating the Chinese original equipment manufacturer is likely to continue collaborating with Carl Zeiss. This collaboration will be based on imaging front and keep implementing the firms’s technologies into its future devices.

Mr. Yu imaging capabilities as one of the two key areas in the handset space that are likely to see significant improvements in the near term, with artificial intelligence as the second one. This was highlighted in an interview with Android Authority.

The Huawai’s press conference was held on January 9 2018 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Palazzo Ballroom which was open to media though Huawai had live-streamed the show all around the globe for others to watch.

Recently launched Mate 10 Pro put importance on both Artificial Intelligence services and camera performance with Mr. Yu’s recent remarks describing the focus as the blueprint for the tech gaint’s next premium mobile devices.

A Huawai smartphone is not the first to run such camera. We have also seen such camera on smartphone such as Panasonic’s CMI and Nokia’s Lumia 1020.


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