What is Killer USB ?

This USB device checks for power surge vulnerability in the USB connections of electric appliances like smartphones , laptops , music players, tablets etc . The manufacturers of gadgets do not protect the power or data lines of devices properly to save money, which leaves them open to attack.

Check out the video :

How it works ?

After getting plugged into an electronic device , it starts charging its capacitors from the USB power lines. When completely charged, -200V DC current is discharged over the data lines of the host device. This charging and discharging cycle is repeated until the USB Killer is removed. It results in destroying the circuit of the motherboard and the device will stop working .

Till now its tested on many devices like smartphones , laptops , desktops , smart television , music player , and other usb supported devices . Most of them stopped working . I suggest don’t check it with your valuable gadgets it may destroy them .


Is the USB Killer safe to use?

I think it’s not safe for use , it will damage the chipset of device so better avoid it and don’t do experiment with it you will loose your valuable device and data. The manufacturer of this USB will not be responsible for any kind of loss caused by using this device.

Warning :

This USB Killer device is developer only as a testing device to check the common flaw in products with USB connections . This device is shielded , tested properly for safe use, but it remains a high-voltage device. No attempt should be made to open or modify with the device . It should not be used as a playing device , as it destroys the motherboard of the device in which you plugin. So special precautions should be made if you are planning to use this device.

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