Microsoft Windows 8 is Officially Dead Now:

As per the height of the success of windows 7 operating system in a PC, Windows 8/8.1 was not at all suitable for the new era of system computing.

It is seen that when Windows 7 was launched it was on sale for atleast seven years. Whereas Windows 8/8.1 was on sale for hardly four years. Even Windows XP was lasted for more years and still being preferred by many users in many fields. Microsoft made it clear to the user while Windows 8.1 was launched that they had two years for upgration.

No New System will be sold with Windows 8 :

Microsoft had ended the sale of Windows 8 operating system which means it cannot be bought with new desktops. Windows 8 failed to put impression on the users as they found that the new interface of Windows 8 is confusing and counter intuitive.

As Windows 8/8.1 is observed to be almost dead for new PCs, it is even losing support of windows phone 8.1, the most popular version of its mobile operating system. This means that the users of Windows phones will unable to get any updates.

The drowning of the importance of windows phone is thus making ways for the Android and iOS to rule the roost in the technical world. Now they have no competition left.

The users can still run Windows 8 operating system on their systems but they will not get crucial security and bug fixes. They won’t get any new feature update for their Pc’s and  Only 3-4% of PCs around the world is still running Windows 8 in their system.

The Evergreen OS from Microsoft “Windows Xp” lost it’s support in April 2014 and around 12% of PCs are still running on XP. So Windows XP users won’t get any further crucial security updates and bug fixes. It is advised to use latest OS as there is a risk for malware, system data theft and damage from hackers as old OS don’t get any support form developers.


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