What is a Google Developer Console Account ?

The Google Developer Console Account is a account which a Android Developer needs to Publish Applications on Play Store . It enables developers to register applications and authorize devices for testing.

How to Register for it ?

You can use your personal gmail account if you are a developer or you can use your organisation gmail account if you are registering for your organisation . Else a new gmail account is always a option for you . After that you need to Accept the Developer Distribution Agreement . After that you have to pay registration fee for it , which is 25 $ currently . Then you have to provide your account details like Developer name , email , address and other kind of documents which is to be displayed to customers on Google Play.

If you don’t have have a Developer account and you want to publish your apps on Play Store . Then you can search for peoples who are having a developer account . They can also publish your applications on Play Store using their account  But they may charge you a little for it .

Which Card will work for payment on Google ?

you need to have a International debit card or credit card , Google does not support RuPay Debit Card , Master Card or Visa Card issued by Indian banks . It only Supports :-

  • International Master Card
  • International Visa Card
  • American Express
  • Discover (U.S. only)
  • Visa Electron

So If you don’t have these options then you can take a International Debit card from your bank or use any DBS Bank Debit card from your friend or HDFC , Axis Bank cards . These Cards will work on Google Payment Gateway and You will be able to register fro Google Developer Console Account .

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Validity of Google Developer Console Account :

Once you register yourself on Google Developer Console then you can use this account for lifetime as there is no expiry of this account and it’s one time purchase only . But there is a risk of account suspension if you will violate any Google’s law , and your account may be terminated for life time so you should follow Google’s law .




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