What is Root ?

Rooting is the process of unlocking Boot loader of an device and then we are allowed to edit it’s operating system. In this post we will show you how to Root Mi Smartphones , Root Xiaomi Smartphones , Root Redmi Smartphones using Officially available method safely without loosing any data .

How to Root or Unlock a Mi Device ?


  • You need to ask mi for permission for it, Visit Mi Unlock Website .
  • You have to write a request letter to Mi about the reason of rooting .
  • They will check the letter personally so be genuine in writing reasons , don’t copy paste .
  • if they are approving your request then you will get a message on your registered phone .
  • It may take 15-20 days for approval or rejection , it depends upon your letter .
  • After getting approval again you need to visit  Mi Unlock Website .
  • Then you need login in mi unlock website.
  • You will get a link to download a software called “mi unlock flash tool’ .
  • Download it and install it in your computer .
  • Then you have to turn boot mode in your phone and connect it to computer .
  • It will ask you to provide login details to login the software , You should use that same mi Id in which you got rooting approval.
  • Then follow the software it will get your device rooted within 30-40 minutes .

Is it safe ?

In my opinion it’s not , because it opens the boot loader of your device and any spam software , malware , virus can come and get installed in your device without getting noticed and it may steal your data and sent to its server and even steal your Bank details and Card details and empty your pocket . You should not do it , if you don’t need this for any genuine reason. Even mi will approve your application and give you permission to root your device with genuine reasons.

You will get a lot of softwares on internet who claim that they will root your Mi device. You can try them if you want. But trust us none of those softwares will work as mi smartphone have strong Bootloader. If you are interested in rooting your device then follow official method as it is safe and it does not risk the life of your smartphone.



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