Currently after the launch of new Rs 100 note it is being announced by the Reserved Bank of India that new Rs 100 note will be releasing. Very soon we can issue the new Rs 100 note as the printing of the note is gradually increasing. The base colour of the new Rs 100 note is expected to be of lavender colour with many other geometrical designs on both back as well as front side of the note.

The dimension of the new Rs 100 note is 66mm x 142mm as announced by Reserved Bank of India. Thus the new note will be smaller in size as that of the current one. The new Rs 100 note is made with the motif of of “Rani Ki Vav” means the stepwell of the queen that is situated in Patan at Gujrat.

As usually, the front side of the note will contain the number 100 along with the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi and the National Emblem on the right-bottom corner of the front note. On the top of the National Emblem there will be a raised triangular identification mark with micro text 100. There will be also four angular bleed lines in the right side as well as left side of the new note. 100 will also be written in Devnagari vertically on the left hand side of the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi.

The back side of the note will contain the year of printing of the note on left hand side. It will also contain the logo of “Swach bharat” along with a slogan. “One hundred rupee” will be written in words at the top right hand side of the note. On the left hand side will be the name “Reserved Bank of India”. Mainly at the back of the note, the portrait of “Rani Ki Vav” will be drawn which is the symbolic part of the note. The note will also contain the signature of the Governor of Reserved Bank of India Urjit Patel.


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