Samsung Unveiled Foldable Smartphones in CES 2018 Secretly:

Samsung announced its first foldable smartphone in private meeting at CES 2018 and was decided to be called as Samsung Galaxy X. The aim of introducing a foldable smartphone was made by Samsung’s mobile chief DJ Koh while launching Galaxy S8 smartphone.

Samsung is clearly aiming to beat Apple in launching such smartphones, while Apple deciding to introduce iPhone with a flexible portion. Apple was claimed to be working with LG Display on foldable iPhones. Galaxy X  is confirmed to be less sleek than current smartphone designs which will have a curved and wavy design at back of the phone which was not seen on a smartphone so far.

The whole host of images that appeared to show the Galaxy X was introduced on November 9, 2017.

Specifications :

Samsung foldable smartphone has in-folding with curvature of 1R(0.1mm) and out-folding with curvature of 5R(0.1mm). The phone is said to be having two OLED display panels with a hinge in the middle. The screens without bezels, like the one which was used on Galaxy S8, may be used to create a seamless, one-screen lock.

A camera lens is to be shown on the top of the closed clamshell, an area which becomes rear of the unfolded phone. A selfie camera and a speaker are shown in the inside top of the phone. The goal is to develop a display where no creases and folds should appear easily. The screen resolution is expected to be 4K i.e., 3840×2160 pixels that could remain high-res when folded.

It was originally rumoured that Galaxy X would be 5in phone that could fold out into an 8in tablet, but now suspected to fold out into a 7in tablet. Reportedly , the OLED display would be created by March, the production would be started in September and the final version will be introduced in November. The launching of the smartphone is reported to be on the last part of 2018 or early of next year.


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