Which one to Choose Iphone 8 / Iphone 8 Plus / Iphone X ?

There are iphone lovers all around the globe they will wait for new iphone launch so eagerly every time .

New iphone 8 has arrived in market , so everyone will be interested to know about it’s features and price .

Price of apple products are always higher than android products , still IOS is preferred over android because

IOS is more secure over android . But in terms of features android leads it .

Lets see the price chart of the new released iphones .

Capacity Price

64GB / ₹64,000 MRP

256GB / ₹77,000 MRP

64GB / ₹73,000 MRP

256GB / ₹86,000 MRP

HD display

4.7- Screen Size

True Tone display

Wide colour display (P3)

3D Touch

625 cd/m² max brightness (typical)

Dual-domain pixels for wide viewing angles

Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating

Peoples who have money go for iphones but peopls with low budgets go for android .

We can’t compare that iphone is better or android ??

Both has it’s own benefits , it depends on the users need and interest for selecting between iphone and android .

Android is more flexible , you can get free applications for it on play store or anywhere but IOS is not free at all . You can’t even download a trail application free on IOS , even for movies and music they are having their own application . but android on the other end is far better than IOS , we can get free applications , free videos , free music from anywhere and no one will charge you for it , that’s why i will prefer for android . as it will give you more features at a very less cost as compare to iphones . Most Important why pay more if you can get those features in low cost devices . If you buy phones from Mi , Lenovo , Moto , Coolpad etc then you will get their flagship models with best features for 10K – 20K . These phones are long lasting and if damaged or lost then you can buy a new one as cost is less as compared to IPhones .


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