Amazon Associates Affiliate Program :

It is a affiliate program from Amazon , according to this program if you promote their products on your blog , website or anywhere. And If someone does a transaction though that link then they will pay you a commission for that. It is the most used Affiliate program now as it is giving highest selling commission that is up to 12%. You have so many products to promote as Amazon is one of the top E-commerce website with thousand of products. You can share links on Facebook and Twitter as well , and earn if anyone is purchasing anything from your links.

Registration Process :

It is easy and free to join Amazon Associates Affiliate program , you need to go to the website and complete up the registration process by giving the details. If you are having a account on Amazon then they will merge you account details from that. You need to provide your Name , Address , Bank details, Pan Card details for taxation , Website or YouTube channel’s link during registration process.

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Getting Approval :

It is very easy to get approval from them , You don’t need a Website or a blog for that . Even if you are having a YouTube channel then you are eligible for getting approval from Amazon associates. They nearly give approval for everyone , They will approve even if your website is not getting visitors or YouTube is not getting views. After You get Approved you are illegible to promote Amazon’s products every where and earn commission for it.

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Amazon Affiliate Dashboard :

It is easy to navigate in the dashboard , you can find the summary for current month on the home page of the website. Your Earning Overview will be display with no of clicks as well on your links. There is a set of tools available in the dashboard but most of them is not used now. Its really tough using on those tools for longer . so most of them just use links and have separate tools was creating widgets and other things.

Recently they have introduced a WordPress Plugin as well , which will improve the user experience with its dashboard and it will solve the problems faced by using old tools available in dashboard.

Amazon Widgets :

Amazon Widgets has not been updated , still having only Search Widget , Slideshow , My Favorites , and Carousel Widget . Using It feels like using one of the old useless tool available in the dashboard. It is not allowed to create custom widgets as per requirements. So Amazon’s dashboard is really not interesting.

Site Stripe :

It is one of the best tool available in Dashboard for Amazon Affiliate marketing program , It will be there on top of the search bar. You can generate affiliate link of any product using this tool. If you want to create affiliate link for a “xyz” barnd’s phone , then you need to search for xyz in search bard and then just click on Get link option in Site Strip. You will get Affiliate link for that product , you can get it for specific products or even for whole page as well.

Getting Paid :

Their tracking and reports are very fast , they won’t miss a single transaction like what happens in third party Affiliate programs . They will update you about the sale within hours and confirm your commission after the return windows is closed. Their minimum payout limit is ₹1000 , When it reaches then they will send the fund directly to your bank account. You can promote the thousands of Amazon’s products and earn unlimited from that.


It is easy to earn from Amazon Affiliate marketing program , as Amazon is a trustworthy e-commerce website and has users around the globe. But it’s not that too much easy as it appears from outside. Amazon won’t pay you easily , they have a set of algorithms to track the sales and pay the commission. If the order is placed from your id or even your system then forget about any commission, They won’t pay you even if you order from different user account for your use. Sometimes they won’t confirm the commissions without giving any reasons for that. If you try to contact them then also they won’t respond for it properly. If you want to work for affiliates then go for third party affiliate networks like vcommission or optmise. You will get option to promote more number of websites and your revenue will increase.


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