Cuelinks Affiliate Program :

Cuelinks is a Indian Affiliate Company which claim that they have 1000+ Affiliate Programs and Campaigns from national and international partners. So if you are having a account with Cuelinks then you can promote those Programs and campaigns and start earning. You won’t be asked to apply separately for all those Programs and campaigns. Which makes Cuelinks a easy and best choice to start Affiliate marketing from scratch.

How to get approval form Cuelinks ?

I feel it is as easy as making a cup of coffee , if you are having a proper website or blog then they will give you the approval within 2 working days. There is no specific requirements for getting approval. I got my approval though this website , when it was having only 15 posts. Just go to their website and apply for it , you will get approval too.

Cuelinks Dashboard :

It is very simple and easy to use Dashboard of Cuelinks. I felt that it is more easy and clear in comparison with other the Top Affiliate program’s like Flipkart’s and Amazon’s Dashboard. You can easily navigate in its dashboard and you can search for the affiliate programs very easily with it’s names or countries. They offer all kinds of affiliate programs like CPS , CPI , CPV etc.

Cuelinks Widgets:

Cuewidgets is the best thing which i found in Cuelinks Dashboard , it is easy to use and most important feature which is missing in most of the Affiliate Program’s Dashboard. You can use it on your blog and Cuelinks Widgets will do the work for you , it will publish offers and Coupons automatically. Just add it on your blog or website and it will run campaigns , new upcoming sales , display coupons directly.

Cuelinks’s Honest Review:

By using Cuelinks for around three years , i came up with the following cons and pros of this Affiliate Network .


  • It is free to join Cuelinks
  • It is very easy to get approval
  • No special requirements , a blog is enough for approval
  • Payment Threshold is only ₹ 500 , lowest in market .
  • You can use all the available campaigns without any issues .
  • Receiving Payment is easy , Direct Bank transfer is available.
  • Easy support available on calls and Emails.
  • Easy to integrate it’s links on blogs and websites.

Cons :

  • Hidden and delayed tracking of sales.
  • Most of the sales commission is rejected without notifying.
  • They don’t have transparency in commission sharing policy.
  • Low commission in comparison to other Affiliate Programs.
  • They don’t have campaigns from most of the famous brands like Snapdeal , Lenskart , redbus , namecheap etc.


Getting paid is easy in Cuelinks , as their payment threshold is only ₹ 500. Even a new blogger can reach that within few months. It takes more than 30 days for the commissions or cashback to get confirmed. According to them they confirm it before 45 days , It take around 50-60 days to get confirmed. Sometimes your sale is not tracked automatically , you need to write to them and then they will check for it. Sometimes your sales commissions won’t be confirmed and they won’t give reasons for that. They Simple reject your commission without letting you know. After the Commission is confirmed you can get that transferred in to your Indian bank accounts without any issue. They take 7-10 days for transferring the payments after payment is approved.


They are improving everyday , as they are adding more campaigns and some of the problems like no tracking of sale , low commission on sale has been shorted out. They are always available there if you need their help. If you new to Affiliate Marketing then you can try Cuelinks , as none of the other companies will give you approval. Most importantly reaching payment threshold is easy , as only ₹ 500. If you will go for Amazon Associates or Flipkart Affiliates then you can promote only their products and their payment threshold is ₹ 1000. Which is a bit tough to reach for a new entry.


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