Flipkart Affiliate Program :

Filpkart Affiliate Program is a program run by Flipkart , for the promotion of its products by other websites or blogs or YouTube channels. It is easy to register for Flipkart Affiliate a;.nd getting approval. You just need a normal blog , website , even a YouTube channel is enough for getting approval. You must follow terms and conditions of the program and they will approve your account.

Registration Process :

Joining Flipkart Affiliates is 100 % free and easy for anyone. To join you have to go to affiliate.flipkart.com and then click on Register or Yellow button saying ” Join Now for Free”. You have to provide your information related to your website. Like website’s , blog’s  url and other details like pan no , aadhar no etc. Then after that they will check your documents and they will check your website. if everything is ok then they will approved your application.

Getting Started:

After Getting the approval you will have to login to your Flipkart affiliate account. Then you have to generate the affiliate links using the tools provided in the Dashboard. They provide HTML codes also , you can use those codes as it well on you publishing platform.

Flipkart Affiliate Dashboard:

Its really easy to navigate in the dashboard , you will find everything which you may need for promoting Flipkart’s Products. There are a plenty of tools like , Promotional Banners , Bookmarklet Widget , Promotional Widgets , Push Content etc. You will find all those tools in the Affiliate Tools section of the dashboard. I liked the affiliate section , but they are not updating those tools from a long time. Tracking of sales through your links is easy to track as their dashboard is really .

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Affiliate Link Generator:

It is a very simple tool to use , you can create affiliate link for any of the product available on Flipkart thought this tool. You just need to copy the url of the product and paste that url in it. This tool will generate the affiliate link for that product , and you can use that.

Flipkart App Install campaign :

This Campaign is to promote the Flipkart mobile application and to increase its no of installs. You have to use the link provided by this tool to do that , and you will be paid for every installs done through your link. Is’t very simple.

Getting Paid :

You will be paid for the sales done through your links. But they won’t support direct link sharing and spamming those links , your account may be suspended for that. You have to integrate those links on blogs , website , YouTube channel and if someone clicks on that link. That link will take that user to Flipkart website and if the user does any kind of shopping there then you will be paid for that. There is a list of percentage rates according to which you will be paid.

Payment Threshold :

It is ₹ 250 for taking payment as Flipkart Gift card and ₹1000 for payments to bank transfer. These payment threshold are standard in market and Fipkart processes the payment within 2 weeks. You can get money in any of your any bank accounts.

Overall Experience :

It will take some time to understand about the tools available in dashboard and how you can use those tools to earn revenue form your blogs. Earning is not easy as Flipkart have certain rules , and you have to follow those rules to continue on Flipkart’s Affiliate platform. You may get a lots of traffic on your blogs but it’s really tough to convert that traffic into sales. As In Flipkart affiliate program you are limited to certain extend of products and you can promote those only , So reaching payment threshold might be tough for some of you. As It’s not compulsory that who so ever is visiting your website is a Flipkart’s customer.

Some of them may be Amazon’s customer or Myntra’s customer. Some of them may be interested in some services not products. If you are promoting two , three or more companies then it will be easy to reach payment threshold. Even they are not updating about their upcoming sales banners and widgets in their dashboard , it’s really tough for us to find those on Internet. They will not even provide html code for that , and their Widgets are not updated from so long. Theirs are outdated as per current market standard.

Conclusion :

You can applying for Flipkart Affiliate account and use it in starting of your blogging carrier. As in starting other Affiliate partners like Vcomminsion and Optmise or Cuelinks won’t give you approval. But once you get some experience and your site grows then try to apply for companies which have a larger collection of campaigns. As promoting only products of Flipkart and getting your payment is tough. So join other third part Affiliate companies which have a list of live campaigns and their threshold payment is low. You will get a list of upcoming and running offers , coupons on your email. From there you can post those on Blog or Website.





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